A Healthier You, Means A Healthier Planet. PDF Print E-mail

Today so much pressure is put on each of us to “save the earth” with hardly a mention of improving the quality of our own individual lives. In a materialistic view of life we have forgotten our own connection to life and all that is. Once we remember that connection we realize that it is impossible to save the planet without first saving ourselves.

Over the past century we have poured toxins into our environment and our bodies at an unprecedented rate. We have been living from a perspective that we are somehow separate from nature; we are perhaps “above” nature in some way, able to control and manipulate it to our requirements.

We have turned to synthetic medicines to heal our bodies, and toxic chemicals to grow our crops and fatten our livestock. The result has seen an increase in illness and distress in all life on our planet, including us. However, thankfully, this is changing.

Today an increasing number of people are recognizing that the fate of the planet and that of our own bodies are linked. To thrive and live in optimum health our bodies, and our planet, require clean water, air and food. Free from toxic chemicals foreign to our biological systems. As we turn back to clean, natural food, free from synthetic chemicals, we can not only heal our bodies but reduce the polluting assault on our planet as well, by reducing the amount of chemicals that are poured into the environment in the production of synthetic food.

Although as children we are taught not to be selfish, perhaps there is something amok with that thinking. Caring for yourself and your own body ultimately leads to a healthier planet.

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